Michael Nicolosi

Direttore di Servizi ABA

Hello! I’m Michael, Psychologist (CH), Behavior Analyst, ABAI instructor and co-founder of DDA.

I have been working in the field of autism with ABA for more than 15 years, conducting in-depth assessments and developing individualized intervention plans.

Since 2014, I have been Director of ABA Services for 3 different organizations and have taught ABA in 80+ courses and trainings for professionals and parents, including college classes (more than 1 year).

I have studied extensively and traveled around the world to find the most effective interventions to help people with autism and other disabilities.

During my studies, I did 7 internships (more than 3 years) and participated in 40+ continuing education events (in the United States, many times, but also in Europe and Japan).

I have published one peer-reviewed article: Nicolosi, M., & Dillenburger, K. (2021); and I have made 7 presentations of new scientific studies at international conferences, as well as 2 chairman roles. 

Since 2020, I have been responsible for teaching in the Verified Course Sequence (VCS) of the Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis (AARBA) to train a new generation of behavior analysts.

Since 2022, I’m also Professional Advisory Board Member of the International Behavior Analysis Organization®.

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