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ABA is a science. It is rigorous, it is effective in solving people’s problems, it is regulated by strong ethical codes and it is radically evidence-based.
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Despite these qualities and despite the great spread in the US and Canada, ABA is far less widespread in Europe.

The Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® (BACB®) is a nonprofit organization established in the US in 1998 which has been the leader in behaviour analysts certification for over two decades.

The BACB® provides certifications to applicants who have achieved standard training requirements. These certifications are:

  • BCBA-D® – Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral
  • BCBA® – Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • BCaBA® – Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
  • RBT® – Registered Behavior Technician
There are more than 175,000 BACB® certificants in the world.
(Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (n.d). BACB certificant data. Retrieved from bacb.com)

168,000 of these (96%) are residents of the United States.

Switzerland, which is the headquarters of DDA, had 4 BCBA®s in 2013. Almost 10 years later, they are just 22.

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Switzerland is particularly lacking in behaviour analysts, but European Countries are not much different, especially considering the behaviour analysts rate in relation to the country population.
Here are some data on the number of Board Certified Behavior Analysts® per million of citizens in the European area.

(Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (n.d). Region-Specific Certificant Data. Retrieved from bacb.com; Eurostat. Population on 1 January by age and sex. Retrieved from European Comision)

CountryBCBAs® 2013BCBAs® 2022Population (2020 Eurostat figure)BCBAs® per million of citizens – 2022 (rough estimation)
2UK (non EU)841.65967.025.54224.8
8Switzerland (non EU)4228.606.0332.6
11Czech Republic01810.693.9391.7
16Norway (non EU)065.367.5801.1
17Slovak Republic155.457.8730.9
TOTAL29 Countries1902.667524.260.9065.1
*Population 2020 (data.census.gov)

The gap with the United States is large. Where the USA have 347 behavior analysts per million of citizens, Europe has 5.

According to our experience in the field, many variables contribute to the gap. In particular, we note the following:

  1. People do not know what ABA is. Quite often, they do not even know it exists.
  2. People are prejudiced against ABA and consider it to be a sort of dog training or an abusive, non-compassionate and cruel method that is totally unsuitable for human beings.
  3. People often misunderstand ABA, because this science usually describes people in a way which is different from common cultural and social conceptions.

These are major problems. ABA might help millions of people to improve their lives, but at this pace it will take centuries to have enough behaviour analysts for the entire EU population.

The situation is getting worse since the BACB® has decided that, as from 1 January 2023, only individuals who are residents of the US, Canada, the UK and Australia will be allowed to apply for BACB® certifications.

The BACB® is giving support to other countries to develop their own certification systems, but this decision was anyway an earthquake in the field, because, so far, the BACB® has represented a lighthouse for behaviour analysts worldwide.

We have seen with our own eyes what ABA can do. We have seen lives changed, grateful parents, children who can now speak, elimination of self-injuries…

For these reasons, we want to give our contribution to the growth of the field.

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