About Data Driven ABA

We help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other disability

Scary stories that we frequently hear:

We are aware of the challenges your child faces every day. When a child has ASD or another disability, these challenges can be high:

  • lack of communication or interest in others,
  • lack of independence, play and sharing skills,
  • aggression or self-aggression,
  • tantrums, meltdowns, high prevalence of stereotypical behavior, etc.

And that affects not only him/her, but also your life and your mood on a daily basis, sometimes leaving you with the feeling of being powerless, the feeling that that’s how things are and that nothing can be changed.

Our goal is to help you and your child solve these problems.

We use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and we work on the basis of:

  1. scientific evidence and scientific procedures,
  2. ethical principles for behavior analysts approved by the IBAO® and the BACB®.
Data Driven ABA Working Team
Communication is extremely important, from our point of view.

It will be one of the priorities in working with your child.

How can they live well if they cannot communicate their needs? If they cannot communicate needs as simple as going to the bathroom, having a tummy ache or being hungry?

Another very important goal will be compliance.

If your child does not cooperate in any way with adults, it will be impossible to teach him/her anything.

It is like in school: the teacher asks the students to sit, look, answer, write, etc. By gradually teaching children to respect adults, we can lead them to learn more and more of the skills they need.

Children have their own needs. We will explore and learn about it to give them the best possible learning experience.

Woman doing speech therapy with little boy
Too many times we have been witness to pitiful scenes: 
  • blaming one’s own student for a learning failure,
  • lying to clients in order to maintain profits,
  • providing intervention just because the professional like them, even if they are useless to the student…

In the field of education and psychology, everything seems to be so ethereal: just words, ideas, theories, feelings.

With such an abstraction, everyone, whether knowingly or not, can make their own interest at their clients’ expense.


 What guides us throughout our professional practice?

With everyone we work with, we live these values:

  Taking informed decisions, based on solid data: Data driven.

Following ethical guidelines, being proactive and holding ourselves first responsible of any failure: Integrity.

Showing you everything, even if you don’t like it. We openly and honestly convey information as we know it: Transparency.

Maintaining consistent communication and constructive feedback, as keys to work side-by-side: Communication.

Serving you through innovation, continuous improvement, an intense focus on your needs: Excellence.

Making you feel respected, supported, and valued. We are against biases of any kind: Diversity


Why “Data Driven ABA”?

Our lighthouse, what guides us in our work, is DATA, which is why we have chosen this name.

We do not carry out our interventions at random, making use of sentiment or “common sense”, but we let ourselves be guided by data.

Data tell us if what we are doing is useful for the child or if the intervention needs to be substituted or modified.

We believe that the use of scientific procedures, continuous training and sharing methods and principles with the family are essential.

The family is an integral and active part of the work we do and is never left on the sidelines.

Each methodology, each program, each result will be shared with you.



You can improve the quality of your child’s life by learning how and when to use the right tools.

To help your child solve their behavioral challenges we’ll share with you these evidence-based tools and the latest research we’ve studied.
About us Data Driven ABA Working Team



We can help you overcome the challenges your child is experiencing.

We have been working with people with autism spectrum disorder and with various types of disabilities for years. We have experience with behavioral problems, with these kinds of situations and the tools to deal with them.

No behavior, however serious and rooted as it may be, cannot be changed and replaced with a better one.

No behavior is permanent.

Through the scientific study of behavior and the implementation of the correct interventions, even what has been going on for years can change.

Do you want to help your child or your ward?

You can complete the registration and we would be happy to help.


You may be wondering: "Why have they chosen the unicorn symbol as their logo?

Unicorns are fantastic creatures; they do not exist!

This is precisely the reason why we have chosen him: Mr Unicorn. The unicorn is our “friendly enemy”.

It represents common beliefs, clichés, which have no scientific evidence and connection with reality.

It represents all those “methods”, all those unscientific procedures that are passed off as scientific and sold at a high price to produce little or no results.

We are DataDriven! We don’t ride unicorns, we ride DATA.

We use scientific procedures; we don’t use common sense. We want to produce concrete improvements and not reassuring words.